The long reign of terror

A post written by me and Jan Freedman about the fascinating history of the “Terror birds”.


Something has survived.

Bold capital letters spell out the above chilling sentence on the back cover to Michael Crichton’s sequel to Jurassic Park. No blurb. No description of the novel. Those three words say enough.

That short, simple, yet powerful sentence could be used for one of the most famous events in geological history: the K-T extinction. This is now formally known as the K-Pg extinction and heralds the end of the Cretaceous Period and the beginning of the Paleogene Period. It still marks the same asteroid impact that happened 66 million years ago and the end of the non-avian dinosaurs. But something has survived. The avian dinosaurs we see every single day: birds.

In Paleogene park: something has survived.

This may seem a little over the top. But we are not talking about blue tits, or blackbirds. There were once bigger avian dinosaurs running extremely…

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